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David’s been a CPA since 1993.  At age 16, before the PC was popular, David’s father bought his first computer– the IBM Datamaster. It had 64kb of Ram and a 30MB hard drive.  It was only for preparing tax returns.  So during his summer break, David helped his dad write a bookkeeping program for his computer.  Through college, his father ran an accounting firm from their home.  Two years after graduating college, David took over his father’s business and moved it to our current location.

David loves being an accountant.  When he gives guidance to his clients, he knows he helps people fix their own problems.  Helping people make positive changes in their lives, get out of debt, and save for retirement are goals that allow our clients to avoid the trap of short-term thinking.


David Oase and Annette Stevens helped their father, Ken, with his accounting practice when they were just kids.  Each summer, they helped run the office and passed out flyers, advertising his business in their neighborhood.  David and Annette were very proud to have a father who gave his clients the best service at affordable prices.  And that’s what they’ve continued today.


Ken Oase, our father, got a big boost in his business 30 years ago when the Tucson Citizen sent an undercover reporter to his house to have his taxes prepared.  The reporter compared Ken with three other accountants in the preparation of a complicated tax return.  The article entitled “Nothing’s Certain Except Death, Not Even Taxes”, showed the returns with vastly different results.  Not only did the other preparers get the amount of taxes owed wrong, but their preparation fees were much higher.

Today, many of Ken’s children and grandchildren are in the accounting industry. His kids David, Annette and Denise are CPA’s.  His granddaughters, Stellisa and Noelia have their accounting degrees.


David Oase CPA, PC has over 1,500 individual tax clients and over 100 corporations and partnerships. The firm provides varying amounts of services, including setting up new businesses.  We have clients in the Service Industry, Construction, Medical and Retail businesses.  We also work with local non-profit organizations.


Quickbooks Online allows businesses to easily share their accounting records with us.  Using “cloud-based” networks, our clients can view their checking and loan balances, pay bills, look up their unpaid balances, and see what bills are coming due – all while we work quietly in the background to take care of taxes. This means that you don’t have to email your data to us.


We have organized our firm to reduce the frustrations clients have expressed when dealing with other accountants.  Our clients:

  • Never wait in line
  • Leave with their completed tax returns
  • Don’t fill out endless organizers
  • Speak to the person preparing their tax return
  • Have their returns filed electronically, thereby preventing IRS typos
  • Receive their refunds in 10 to 15 days (at no additional cost)

Our clients appreciate that we are:

  • Open on Sundays during the tax season
  • Here all year long to handle any correspondence from the IRS.  (No one likes getting a love letter from Uncle Sam)

Call us at 790-2738 to find out how we can solve major headaches in your business operations and make preparing your tax return “pain-free”!

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