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Quickbooks Repair
We can train you how to use Quickbooks to help you run your business.  As accountants, we know how to fix your balances and reports, so the numbers can work for you.

Quickbooks Setup

We can setup Quickbooks Online or Desktop to meet your needs.  Establish beginning balances, reconcile your accounts, link them to your bank or run them for you.

Paperless Document Management
With a scanner, we can image, name, store, organize and account for every bill, invoice or deposit that comes across our desk. This gives us quick access to all your business documents and means no more file cabinets. Lost your W-2? No problem, we have a copy!

Tax Preparation
Our firm offers professional preparation of all federal, state, and local tax returns at competitive, affordable rates. We charge by the form to keep your cost down.  Our average client paid $260 last year for their tax return.  If you have a small business with the Business Forms, Vehicle Mileage and Home Office deductions, you can expect it to cost around $320.  We’re about 30% less than the national chains and we are here all year long to answer your questions.

Tax Planning
Retiring?  Moving?  Changing Jobs?  Set up an appointment to make sure you don’t get any ugly surprises.

Estate Planning
We will be happy to arrange to introduce you to several lawyers and paralegals to handle your needs. Arizona has a will for people without their own– it guarantees your wife will get 1/2 of your assets and your kids will get the rest.  If you want to decide how and where your kids get their inheritance, you will want to work on your own will.  If you want to decide who raises your kids if you can’t, then get a will.

Retirement Planning
We’ll show you how much you can save for retirement when we prepare your tax return. We will help you determine which kind of plan is best for you: IRA, SEP, SIMPLE or 401k.  After retirement, we will help you determine how much to have held out so you don’t get surprised when you file your return.  Call us to help you do the math!

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